One of the funniest guys on the comic circuit in the last five years is Jeff Dunham. With his cast of characters, nothing is sacred, telling Fox News during an interview this morning that he has no limits on who or what he spoofs. Dunham's television special is coming up Sunday night on Comedy Central at 8 our time. And in it we'll see some new characters. He says Peanut no longer wants to be his sidekick so he's become a ventriloquist and his dummy is the spitting image of Dunham. And Achmed the Dead Terrorist now has a son, Achmed Junior, better known as A.J. After airing of the show, "Jeff Dunham: Controlled Chaos", it'll be released two days later on DVD and Blu-ray with extras and uncensored material. Here's the promo that ran on his 2007 special.