Well it didn't take long for that one plant thing with the six second videos to get shut down.... Facebook announced their new Instagram feature InstaVideo ! Learn how to use it first and show your friends!

Twitter gets props for being the first to come out with the idea of 'snack size' video sharing, as I like to call it, but Facebook's Instagram App just made it better.

Introducing InstaVideo!

The main differences between the two?

But what use is having this new technology without knowing how to use it! Click the video below to watch how to use it.

Helpful tips I discovered my first go-'round: -Follow the green arrow road! if you hit the back button or the gray arrow after you've videoed, it won't save it. -Click & HOLD! To record you have to click & hold the button down. They do this to make starting and stopping your clips easier.

Well, get to it! It's not gonna take it's own videos! :)