While some folks just may not get or appreciate the hilarity of Duck Dynasty, one mom is proud that her 11 year old son represents the 'Uncle Si' in he and his friend's version of the Duck Dynasty clan at school.

I had to stop and 'like' a recent post I saw on Facebook where a mom was sharing a quick story about her son's new kid group in school.

I want to share with you what my 11 year old son and his friends at school have started doing! They have started their own DD fan club and each person is represented by one of the students. My son is "Si!" Everyday before they eat their lunch, they all bow their heads and say a prayer together! It just touched my heart to hear this! He said they have been doing this daily and their teacher even excused them early for lunch to be able to get their food and have a chance to say the prayer! This is such a wonderful family show with christian values! I am happy to have my children watch this and my family and I look forward to Wednesday nights. Thank you for sharing your faith and family with us! You have touched the hearts of several fifth graders who will hopefully touch the hearts of their fellow students and start the habit of praying!

Duck Dynasty on A&E has quickly become the latest fad amongst people of ALL ages. This mom does make a good point, too.

While it may be outlandish, staged at points it seems like, hillbilly, and not completely conventional....at the end of the day, they are all still a family like a horse of a different color that still loves one another, spends quality time together, and enjoys a family dinner that is prayed over.

Those are things that unfortunately a lot of families don't make time for anymore and it is nice to see something GOOD on National television for a change :)

So rock on kid! You and your friends keep enjoying it!


Catch a glimpse into the Duck Dynasty world with 'Uncle Si' if you're unfamiliar: