Why Do We Wear Green for St. Patrick’s Day?
Things associated with St. Patrick's day are shamrocks, the color green and beer! The Irish holiday commemorates their most beloved patron saint, St. Patrick, known for bringing Christianity to Ireland
But why do we wear green?
See What Happens When People Dare to Fight This Ninja [VIDEO]
This is a funny video and worth watching until the end. The setup is simple: a solitary ninja stands with a sword at his feet and a message that says "fight me."
A few people take him up on his offer of a free sword fight, except things aren't exactly how they seem here.
Stupid Fights All Couples Have
Oh, the joys of being married!  No, really -- there are joys to being married! There are also ridiculous arguments that between married couples – such as how to properly install a new roll of toilet paper. (The end piece goes over, NOT under – duh!)
Mascot Eats Worker [Video]
Mascots have a tough job!  They have to entertain the crowd wearing a costume (sometimes in the scorching heat) with no ability to speak and risk running into something or falling down.  Not to mention the never ending line of children waiting for a picture...

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