See What Happens When People Dare to Fight This Ninja [VIDEO]
This is a funny video and worth watching until the end. The setup is simple: a solitary ninja stands with a sword at his feet and a message that says "fight me."
A few people take him up on his offer of a free sword fight, except things aren't exactly how they seem here.
Stupid Fights All Couples Have
Oh, the joys of being married!  No, really -- there are joys to being married! There are also ridiculous arguments that between married couples – such as how to properly install a new roll of toilet paper. (The end piece goes over, NOT under – duh!)
Mascot Eats Worker [Video]
Mascots have a tough job!  They have to entertain the crowd wearing a costume (sometimes in the scorching heat) with no ability to speak and risk running into something or falling down.  Not to mention the never ending line of children waiting for a picture...
3 Minutes of Pure Laughter
They say laughter is contagious - and I agree.
Sometimes we all need to take a break during the day for a minute...or 3...and just LAUGH!
And who has the best laugh?  Well - BABIES OF COURSE!  So here you go - a 3 minute compilation video of the BEST BABIES LAUGHING...
My Sister Has Breast Cancer?
In 2008 I received a phone call from my mother while I was broadcasting at The Fox & Hound in Lubbock.  I couldn’t understand what she was saying so I went outside only to hear her say as she was crying –
“Amy, Pam has been diagnosed with breast cancer.&CloseC…

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