Comedian John Caparulo in the Hub!
Did you make it out to see Comedian John Caparulo this past Friday, October 4th?!  If you were at the show then you know how extremely funny this guy was - along with opening act Eric DeLeon from Snyder, TX!
Proof That Justin Bieber Is Rapidly Devolving
Our friends at PopCrush noticed something about #1 Anne Frank fan Justin Bieber and have put together a very convincing argument. It seems that The Bieb's constant slouching is indicative of a larger problem -- he's actually devolving into a lesser being...
Alyssa’s Favorite YouTube Video This Week! [VIDEO]
Okay, sure it's only Wednesday, but if you've seen this video already, then you know why I know without a doubt that it's my favorite YouTube video this week! I think I'm going to download this song song to wake up to now, too!

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