WHAT!? Wish he would come here and play a free show! Lubbock would swarm the joint! Social media is a pretty lovely thing :)


The Tweet that got TONS of fans to swarm a South Carolina Bar!

How cool is Blake Shelton? 'The Voice' has begun a new season and instead of using that time to keep to himself, Blake used it to play a FREE SHOW!!! He took to Twitter to tell his fans where to be for some Country music 'FOR FREE ALL NIGHT LONG' just like they used to 'back in the old days'.


This is why Blake(FM) loves Country Music! Country stars get it. The fans make it all possible and the artists are AWESOME at always being so gracious to fans and doing what it takes to keep them happy.

Blake Shelton, if he were a female, would be America's Sweetheart! ha ha He's a good-time havin', spontaneous, humble guy and that is why we here at BlakeFM tip our hats to him! This was so cool to hear about! Now, dang it, why couldn't WE live in South Carolina?!?! haha