Seems like half of the movies we see coming out anymore were already books first. Twilight, Harry Potter, The Lovely Bones, Hunger Games, Jurassic Park, and even I Am Legend and The Lincoln Lawyer. Do you like this trend or are you ready for something new?

You always hear the expression: 'The book is WAY better than the movie'. Well, that's because there is no movie that can meet and/or surpass the expectations of our imaginations. I don't mean to sound so 'Reading Rainbow' about it, but it's true.

So if everyone is saying that, then why do we still make box office hits out of our favorite books turned into movies? It's simple- CURIOSITY and desire. We want to see our favorite stories played out in front of us.

Admittedly, most of the time, the movies are really good in their own ways, but sometimes they can be a BIG BUST. (Like Where The Wild Things Are and Eragon)

The question at hand, though, is do you enjoy ALL of your favorite books being made into movies? Seems we can't go to a movie anymore without seeing previews for the next one. It makes me wonder if they pay writers anymore to come up with original ideas for movies anymore???