Not only does Buffalo Springs Lake have boating, fishing, hiking, ATV trails, swimming, camping and spots for holding family reunions, they also have a variety of feathered friends on the lake! 

Buffalo Springs Lake Manager, Jim Madewell (coolest name ever), told  us that he has seen over 43 types of birds in the past year. As the seasons change, you can see different species coming and going.

Take a look at some of the feathered friends that currently call Buffalo Springs Lake their home.

Grab your binoculars and camera and head out to get some great shots. Did you know they have turkey out there too? We'd dare you to chase one but they're tough.

If you enjoy the outdoors, walking with nature, and spotting birds and animals in the wild then make it a point to go out and enjoy yourself at Buffalo Springs Lake. It truly is the place to be!