Sonic and 99.5 the Bear have been offering listeners their chance to win either $1,000 or $10,000 daily with our Win Cash Contest. Our Win Cash contest will also give our online community the chance to win $10,000 this holiday season as well. On December 1 someone will claim our big $10k VIP giveaway. That's perfect for the holiday season, paying off some bills or just plain spoiling yourself.

That got us thinking on what we would spend the $10,000 grand prize on if we had to spoil ourselves. No bills, no debt but just good old fashioned fun. He's our list of what we'd do with it. What would you do?

  • 10,000 Chicken Strip Sandwiches

    At a $1 a piece you could order 10,000 chicken strip sandwiches from Sonic (before tax of course).They're the tastiest treats on the everyday menu and we would try to eat every single one of them if we could. That's a tall order but you could feed quite a few people with this one.

  • 667 Brantley Gilbert Concert Tickets

    As you all know, 99.5 The Bear welcomes Brantley Gilbert to Lubbock on December 1 as a part of our 2011 Taste of Country Christmas Tour. Tickets are $12 online and $15 at the door. So if you waited until the day of the show you could purchase 667 tickets. There won't be that many available to purchase the day of but that's how many tickets $10,000 would get ya.

  • 1,176 Movie Tickets at Tinsletown

    Everyone loves a date night in Lubbock. The favorite of many is a to catch a late night movie at any of our great movie theaters in Lubbock. At $8.50 you can get 1,176 movie tickets at Tinsletown. That's like you watching your own movie a few times over. We suggest you catch the new Clint Eastwood directed J.Edgar, starring Leonardo Dicaprio.

    Imagine Entertainment
  • Roughly 2,000 Margaritas at Chimy's

    We don't suggest drinking them all in one sitting, but you could be a nice person and buy everyone at the bar a drink and then some. You'd be the most popular bar patron at Chimy's with their world class margaritas. They run the gauntlet on prices but a good old fashioned margarita will be roughly $5.

    mindfrieze, Flickr
  • 156 Weekend Rounds of Golf At Rawls

    It's one of the finest golf courses in all of Texas and it's right here in the Hub City. How does golf with you and 155 of your closest friends sound? The weekend rate at the Rawls is $64 but it's worth every penny. With $10,000, you can secure tee times for quite a few golfers. It's $10,000 worth of golf at one of the finest courses. Why wouldn't you do this?

    Kulicki,, Flickr