On today's "two for Tuesday" is a singer who was constantly on the country music charts in the 80's. But folks who weren't that familiar with his country songs, knew Hank Williams Jr. as the guy who sang the theme for Monday Night Football.


Hank Williams Jr. is one not to hold back when he has something to say. Such was the case this year when he appeared on Fox and Friends on the Fox News Network and compared President Obama to Hitler.

That caused ESPN to pull Hank Jr. off Monday Night Football. People did find humor in the situation when Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood spoofed it on the CMA Awards show.

But on this day in 1986, Hank Jr. had a number one song with "Mind Your Own Business". That is one of my favorite songs by him and the other is "Born To Boogie".

So check them out on this "two for Tuesday".