When you asked any of the current stars of country music who was a main influence in their career. the name that comes up almost every time is George Jones. He is certainly in my Top 5 country singers of all time.

On this day back in 2002 the George received the National Medal of Arts at the White House from then President George W. Bush.

He almost didn't make that date. On this day in 1999, Jones was seriously injured in a one car accident while on his way home. According to reports, he was trying to play his new song "Choices" on his cell phone for his stepdaughter.

Also, after years of being clean and sober, authorities found an open bottle of vodka in the car. He underwent treatment and not another like that has happened since.

On this "two for Tuesday", two of my favorite songs from Jones are "The Grand Tour" which went to Number One, and "He Stopped Loving Her Tdoay" that also was Number One and a song many consider the best country song ever recorded.

Check'em out.