Millions of Americans go without necessary dental care because they can't afford it. Dentistry From The Heart and Abbeville Dentistry are working hard to help ease that statistic by hosting a free day of dental care on April 6th!

How cool is this!? Blake is glad there are good people in the world like this willing to set aside the greed and just want to help others.

On April 6th, you can come out and be a part of the free day of dental care!

Abbeville Dentistry is located at 5255 79th street here in Lubbock so make plans to stop by there anytime between 8am and 2pm for the Dentistry From The Heart event! No appointments will be made and the first 125 adult patients will be treated for fillings or extractions.

Last year, the Abbeville team saw 120 patients and were able to provide over $88,000 of free dental services to those in need right here in Lubbock! Dentistry From The Heart is a national, non-profit organization with an easy, simple mission that you'll love: making people smile :)

Visit their website to get more information at:

Blake tips his hat off to these folks for being so generous and caring!