Update: 10:30 a.m. 11/24/20

There's new information into the removal of Tye Rogers as President of Lubbock Christian School.

Rogers was removed from his position on Friday, Nov. 20 and parents were notified of his removal on Saturday, Nov. 21. Since then, students and parents have been wondering exactly what happened.

On Monday, Nov. 23, the board of Lubbock Christian Schools said that Rogers is involved in an investigation by Child Protective Services, but that the investigation has no connection to the school itself.

The details of the investigation are not clear, but Lubbock Christian Schools put out a statement to parents on Monday, saying that Rogers is, “. . . prohibited from coming onto school grounds or from attending any LCS-sponsored activities.”

Further, LCS assures families that the "event" being investigated by CPS did not occur on any LCS campus or at any LCS off-campus activity.

Original Story:

In a notice sent out to families, Lubbock Christian Schools said that President Tye Rogers was no longer affiliated with the organization.

KAMC News reports that as of Monday, November 23rd, Rogers was no longer listed as being part of the LCS leadership team on the school website.

Rogers was appointed as the school's first president back in 2016. Before he was appointed to that position, the top executive position was only superintendent.

No specific reason has yet to be given as to why Rogers has been separated from Lubbock Christian Schools.

This is the notice that was sent out to families:

We are writing to let you, our LCS families, know that effective at 5 p.m. yesterday afternoon, Tye Rogers is no longer affiliated with LCS.


The Board of Trustees of Lubbock Christian School unanimously approved Brian Pitaniello (previous Chairman, Board of Trustees), Dr. Brooke Hobgood (Vice Chair, Board of Trustees), & Russ Horn (Chairman, Board of Trustees) to act as the interim Presidential Leadership Team for the school during this time of school leadership transition. Additionally, Dr. Hobgood will head up our COVID task force.


The Presidential Leadership Team will support our families, our student body, the faculty & staff, and the LCS community as a whole during this transitional period. In addition, we will actively seek to fill several key positions the Board has determined are critical for the school. We are confident that this team will prayerfully and deliberately be led to find the right people to carry on the important mission of Lubbock Christian School into the future.

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