The price of gas has jumped nearly four cents over the past two weeks, according to the Lundberg Survey of fuel prices. The average nationwide price of a gallon of regular gas is at $3.97. And of the cities surveyed, Tulsa, Oklahoma has the nation's lowest average price at $3.66 and Chicago has the highest at $4.45. This site shows Lubbock's lowest price at $3.59 a gallon and the state of Texas averaging $3.82 a gallon.


Offering some tips to save gas, offers these as their top ten:
1. Avoid high speeds
2. Don't accelerate or brake hard
3. Keep tires inflated
4. Use A/C sparingly
5. Keep windows closed to avoid drag
6. Service vehicle regularly
7. Use cruise control
8. Avoid heavy loads
9. Avoid long idles
10. Purchase a fuel-efficient car