Tim McGraw has no patience for unruly fans.  Even drunk ones that are kind of cute.  Tim yanked a wasted young woman from his show last Saturday at The Gorge near Quincy, Washington . . . and had her removed from the venue.  According to the story, two girls wanted to get a high five from Tim as he approached the edge of the stage . . . so they bulldozed their way past the aforementioned drunk chick.  Well, that made her mad so she decided to toss a drink that ended up on two other guys.  That's when things started getting out of control.  At that point Tim stopped to take control of the show.  By that time the two ol' boys who were wearing the tossed drink were losing their minds.  Tim decided to toss all three out.  They guys argued their point just to get "you've got no choice in the matter!"  Tim McGraw, saved the day.