A new film, "Anonymous", directed by Roland Emmerich, casts doubt as to whether William  Shakespeare actually wrote what's credited to him. Associate Professor of Theatre and Dance at Texas Tech, Bill Gelber says that theory is 'bunk'. He tells Tech's Office of Communications and Marketing, "The idea seems to be that no one from Shakespeare's social position could have written such wonderful plays. On the contrary, passage after passage suggests that his life as a player, playwright, man from Stratford and frequenter at court when the plays were given before royalty would make him the perfect candidate." He adds that just because we don't have many papers written in Shakespeare's own hand just means his play were published during the period and we do have his signature on some documents.


Throughout history people have doubted Shakespeare's authorship, including Mark Twain and Sigmund Freud. And now, Hollywood throws their two cents in. But I like to think he really did write the plays, and poetry. What reason is there to doubt he was the author? My personal favorite on Shakespeare and one I actually bought at the video store is "Shakespeare in Love" with Gwyneth Paltrow and Joseph Fiennes. But if you're interested and one of the doubters, here's a peak at the new film, "Anonymous".