William Clark Green

The Randy Rogers Band Made History Over Easter Weekend
Last weekend Randy Rogers Band did something that no band has ever done in the 35-year history of John T. Floore Country Store.
Randy Rogers and the boys played back-to-back nights, Friday March 25th, and Saturday March 26th, at Floore's and sold out both nights...
Our Top 5 Picks: Texas Artists That Will Dominate 2015
Throughout the history of "Texas Music" there have been certain artists that stepped forward as... "leaders" per-say. These leaders made headway for the rest of our favorite artists. In the beginning, we had Pat Green, Cory Morrow and Roger Creager step up, follow…
William Clark Green Wraps on ‘Ringling Road’
Well, it's official according to William Clark Green's Facebook page. Green's next project, Ringling Road, set for release in 2015, has wrapped and we are all excited, to say the least, for the East Texas native's follow up to Rose Queen.

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