Matthew McConaughey

Prominent Texans Call for the End of PPE Litter
One of the unintended side effects of the increased use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is the amount of it that has become litter across Texas. Country music legend George Strait and University of Texas Minister of Culture Matthew McConaughey is leading a group of celebrities that are reminding Texans to "Don't Mess With Texas" by disposing of PPE properly...
These Matthew McConaughey Facts Are Better Than All Right
You know that Matthew McConaughey’s big breakthrough as an actor was as Wooderson in Richard Linklater’s Dazed and Confused. But did you know Wooderson was originally intended as a very small part? After Linklater cast McConaughey in the role (after he grew a mustache and longer hair to prove he wasn’t too handsome for the part), and the actor repeatedly impressed the director with his improvisations and comedy, he beefed up Wooderson’s screen time considerably. That’s just one of the facts featured in the newest episode of You Think You Know Movies!