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A couple of Texas counties are offering cash bounties for feral hogs. While hunting in Texas is like a rite of passage, or like a family tradition. It is crazy to think that someone is willing to pay money for hunting feral hogs. Okay, you caught my attention, I'm in.

First off, the counties that offer bounties are Caldwell and Hays counties. Because feral hogs are out of control. Texas has hogs in 253 of its 254 counties. It's estimated that over 2.5 million hogs are living in the Lone Star State.

Currently, many of those hogs are starting to crowd and roam into our cities. Recently one of our local elementary schools on the outskirts of Abilene had a handful of feral hogs scrounging for food on the school's playground. The local sheriff's department and the Game Warden evicted the hogs from the school's playground.

Feral hogs can and are very destructive and dangerous. Most of the wild pigs (aka feral hogs) are a mixture of domestic pigs and European wild boars. What makes them dangerous to humans is their razor-sharp tusks and these wild pigs are known to attack humans.

Feral Hogs can carry up to 30 transmittable livestock diseases and can harbor over 35 types of parasites. Now feral hog hunters can get paid for hunting pigs and make $5 per hog tail from the Central Texas Feral Hog Task Force.
Photo by: Game Trail Camera/Rudy Fernandez
Photo by: Game Trail Camera/Rudy Fernandez

Personally, I agree with rockstar Ted Nugent (as you'll see in the video below NSFW) on the fact that feral hogs are delicious. Every time I've hunted hogs, a meat processor prepares the meat and I share it with some local church pantries in Abilene.

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