Ruffles and Rust Expo returns to Lubbock Saturday November 5th. I love all this Vintage fun! Shabby chic and rustic charm with handmade items that have so much more character, It's cozy, homey, and comfortable and although I know they sometimes run longer shows, this time, the Ruffles and Rust Expo is only here for one day.

Explore a vast array of charming vintage clothing, jewelry and accessories for you and your home.

Ruffles and Rust has a great reputation for being an exciting event according to news sources in various surrounding markets and is a returning favorite here in Lubbock.

When: Saturday, November 5th, 12pm -6pm

Lubbock Memorial Civic Center
1501 Mac Davis Ln.
Lubbock TX

A quote from the Ruffles & Rust FaceBook page

You don’t want to miss a Ruffles and Rust Expo! We are a traveling sparkly, funky, boutique show!

It's a place to find hand crafted items, home décor, boutique fashions, and so much more! A shopping experience you won't soon forget!

It’s definitely not your grandma's craft show!

We travel throughout the great states of Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arkansas and Ohio!