I have some bad news, astrology fans.

News of the Perseid meteor shower is all over our Facebook feeds, but its "peak" doesn't line up well for Lubbock.

According to iflscience, August 12th is the peak date, with the possibility of a whopping 200 meteors per hour. However, we might see zero that night. Accuweather says we'll have "heavy rain and a thunderstorm in the evening; cloudy and humid with showers and thunderstorms late."

Of course, that's when I planned a barbecue.

But don't lose all hope. Thursday, August 11th is also a good day to see the shower, and we are only expected to have "patchy clouds." Maybe we'll get lucky and they'll blow off. And some meteors should be visible all the way until August 24th, although the full moon on August 18th will outshine the flaming space debris.

Personally, I'm a huge fan of astrology. My engagement ring is a tiny meteorite from Campo del Cielo, the field of stars.


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