All around us in the state of Texas, there are so many interesting things going on.

Have you ever sat down and thought just how many people there are in the Lone Star State. There's...a lot of us to put it lightly. So to say the least, we've got a lot going on here in Texas.

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However, amongst us are individuals that have gone above and beyond in certain categories. What are we talking about you ask? Well, people that have set records in the state.

But we're not just talking about normal records, no no, we're talking about World Records!

Did You Know These World Records Were Set In Texas?

Texas certainly has a reputation to uphold, due to the state slogan. As it turns out, these 15 world records were made official, right here with some Texas flair.

All the info for the records has been reported by KXAN. Without further ado, here we go!

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