Scams sadly affect many people in the state of Texas.

Data shows, according to CBS News, that $2.7 billion in money was lost from residents in America due to fraudulent scams. But that data is only from social media. There's unfortunately many ways someone could get scammed.

From phone calls to mail scams, someone is always trying to take advantage of another person. Recently, there was one going on in Temple, Texas where individuals were impersonating law enforcement in the area. Every day, it feels like Texans are under attack from a scam.

Another scam is on the rise in the Lone Star State sadly. This one is looking for one major thing: access to your bank account.

New Scam In Texas Going After Your Bank Account

This new scam, instead of appearing on the previously mentioned social media, appears via a text on your phone. According to CNET, these text scams are known as "smishing." Here's how the scam works.

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CNET reports that a number that you don't know will text you saying that unknown activity has occurred in regards to your bank account. A link will be included so you can confirm personal details. You should not click that link, as it completely fake, and will give your information to the scammer.

CNET states that some banks will text you info about your account, but that's only if you have chosen to receive messages from them that way. To make sure messages are truly from your bank, they provided details to confirm they're real:

- If the message requests account information, online credentials, or PIN code, report it to the Federal Trade Commission.
- If the claim is urgent, be aware. These scams try to cause a reaction to scare the person in question.
- Look carefully at the website included on the text, as it could be different from the actual bank's website.

Be smart and stay safe Texas!

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