Driving in Texas can sometimes be very scary.

There are many drivers in the Lone Star State. We've all seen somebody not use their blinker, or speed past a red light. If someone isn't paying attention, it could cause an accident.

When accidents happen, it's very scary. Not only does it cause damage to vehicles, but drivers and passengers are also harmed. Sadly, some roadways in Texas see more accidents then others.

Data has been recently been released in regards to some of the deadliest intersections in the nation. Unfortunately, Texas had four appear on the list.

Where Are The Four Deadliest Intersections In The Nation That Are Located In Texas?

To find out the intersections that are very scary for drivers, Piasta Walker Hagenbush, LLC revealed the data. Using the National Highway Transit Safety Administration’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System, the law firm examined accidents from 2004 to 2021. The firm also clarified what made and intersection "deadly."

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What makes an intersection "deadly" according to the firm is that three fatal crashes occurred at the roadway. The highest intersection on the list was US-98 and Carl Hudson Rd. (SR-63) in Mississippi with 8 fatal crashes reported.

However, in second place was Texas. US-287 and Texas 360 Toll, located in Ellis County, had seven fatal crashes in total. Other intersections in Texas on the list were:

- US-90 and FM 1413 in Liberty County (5 fatal crashes)
- SR-302 and FM 866 in Ector County (5 fatal crashes)
- Kermit Hwy. (SR-115) and FM 181 in Andrews County (5 fatal crashes)

Remember to drive safe and be smart Texas!

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