Every fan hates to miss any action on the field when they have to run to the bathroom, but this may be taking it a bit too far.

The Lake County Captains, the High-A affiliate of the Cleveland Guardians, have installed a "Roto-Rooter Row" at their home park right behind home plate. The eight "high-end toilet seats" are obviously not your normal seats.

With the purchase of these thrones, you have some specialized reading material behind your seat, and a specialized bathroom attendant, Horatio, that is there to answer your every need. Gum, mouthwash, comb, whatever you need, you only need to ask with these VIP seats.

If you would love to get a seat in this VIP row and you don't have the spare cash, you can win a seat, but you have to know your way around the commode's greatest friend, the plunger. The 'Root-Rooter Plunger Challenge' is where two people go head to head to see who can launch a plunger toward a target. Whoever gets closer gets a seat on the VIP row.

If you would rather just go into your wallet instead of sending plungers through the air, tickets are $25 per seat. Seems like a pretty good deal for seats right behind home plate with an attendant. Last, but certainly not least, no, the toilets are not functional in their more common usage.

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