Imagine getting so excited that the Lubbock weather has warmed up enough to finally use your neighborhood pool. You pick the perfect day to enjoy it, get a new float to lounge in the water with, and gather your closest friends for a fun day in the sun.

It all sounds so wonderful, right? But of course, irresponsible people must ruin it for everyone.

The last time I went for a swim, the pool had been trashed by the group that was there before me.

Not only were there a variety of things left all over the place, but there were broken plastic shot glasses scattered around the floor of the pool. The shot glasses were clear, so you wouldn't notice them until they cut into your feet. My fiancé and I spent most of our time there scanning the pool to ensure we got all the pieces out, so no one else got hurt.

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Keep in mind, this is a neighborhood that mostly consists of families with young children and there isn’t supposed to be any food or drink brought into the area. Plus, the shenanigans don't end there.

There have been cases of people leaving their belongings all over the facility, including toys, inflatables, clothing and even a pair of swim trunks at the bottom of the pool. People are even leaving overflowing trash bins and tossing their excess food on the pool deck for someone else to come in and have to deal with.

If you thought that was gross, somebody even stuffed a pair of soiled men’s underwear into the toilet paper storage compartment. Who does that?

This isn't even an experience exclusive to my neighborhood. My friend used to tell me about the pool at their apartment complex and how they kept having to close it and drain it to get rid of broken glass.

People still manage to break one of the most basic and well-known pool rules: no glass.

Most people out there are great and not the problem. However, it's the select few that spoil a good thing for everyone else. Please don't be like these people this summer, we all just want to have a good time without dealing with other people's messes.

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