Let's start with the fact that the ranch you're thinking of, is probably not the biggest.

Facebook/King Ranch Equestrian
Facebook/King Ranch Equestrian

Not This one.

Most people think the 6666 Ranch is the biggest in Texas. That ranch is frequently top of the mind since it was purchased by a group including "Yellowstone" creator Taylor Sheridan. The fact is, at "only" 350,000 acres, it's less than half of the size of the actual biggest ranch in Texas. For the record, the 6666 Ranch wasn't even really in the running, because it's the 9th biggest ranch in Texas.

The Winner

The actually biggest ranch in Texas is the King Ranch at over 825,000 acres. The property in Kingsville, Texas (south and a little west of Corpus Christi) makes the claim that it is "bigger than Rhode Island" and that fact checks out. All of Rhode island is just 677,120 acres, so it's actually much bigger than Rhode Island.

The Ranch

So what happens on this ranch? It is an actually working ranch with 35,000 cattle. It's also home to quarter-horses, oil & gas, and more. King Ranch has it's own museum and offers both historical and nature tours.  You may even be more familiar with their brand than you know, since it is used on some Ford Pickup trucks (It's the squiggly snake/W looking thing below:).


More On The Brand
The brand is actually called, "The Running W". So why does a place called "The King Ranch" use a "Running W"? According to the folks at King Ranch themselves, the meaning is a bit of a mystery. It may have represent a snake, a river, longhorn horns, or even a "wave" uniting the past and present. As for my personal guess, I think it may represent that the King Ranch goes on and on...

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