Guys, I really can't describe how stoked I am at the prospect of Lubbock having a cat cafe! I wrote an article last year about how it would be a dream come true for our city to have a place where you could cozy up to a kitty cat and sip a latte, or perhaps even adopt one to take home with you as a pet. It looks like it just might happen.

I recently received an email from Lubbock woman Lauren Cooper, who says she is working on getting The Colorful Cat up and running next year! Here's what she had to say about it:

Hey Chrissy,

I cannot express nor explain how excited I was to stumble on your article about the need for a cat cafe in Lubbock! I have been working on getting things into gear with that idea for about 2 years now. I have already been in contact with Kats Alley Katz, SPCA, and The Wildlife Rescue which are just as excited and eager for this to become a reality!
Our name is The Colorful Cat. (Ally to All ❤️) We are in hopes to do pretty much as you stated in your article. Being local and helping our kitty friends find homes. Another thing I was wanting to do at the cafe was host events like "How to Foster" or "Bottle Babies 101" where anyone wanting to learn how to help or foster but weren't quite sure HOW- can learn. As well as other fun "themed nights". And of course, what would a cafe be without merchandise? Cat themed of course!
Lauren Cooper
Lauren Cooper
If you're wondering how you can get involved in this grand venture, head over to the website or donate what you can for start-up costs, and let's get this ball rolling! We are all one step closer to petting a kitty's tummy over a nice espresso!

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