Last night I drove across town to have a lovely meal at Claraboya (505 Avenue Q, inside Double Tree Hilton) and took slightly different routes there and back. I thought perhaps there was a glitch in the Matrix because I saw a completely new-to-me Dollar Tree location both times. 

Getty Images/ canva
Getty Images/ canva

On the way there I spotted a rather regal-looking new Dollar Tree at 3801 19th St, formerly a CVS. It's so new it still has festive green flags decorating the building.  As a bargain huntress, I filed that information for later use.

Then, on the way back, I saw what appeared to be a massive new Dollar Tree going into the shopping center next to Simple Simon's Pizza (3410, I-27). Looks can be deceiving from the distance I was at, but my perception screamed that this would be the biggest Dollar Tree in Lubbock.

If I'm doing my math correctly, this incoming Dollar Tree will make an even dozen of the stores within Lubbock city limits. That's a lot of stores for a city of our size, especially as other "dollar" retailers are shrinking their presence in many cities and towns across America.

600 Family Dollar stores will be closed this year. Oddly, Family Dollar is owned by Dollar Tree.  Meanwhile, 650 Dollar Trees are planned to open this year.

Not to be outdone, rival company Dollar General is planning a whopping 800 new stores this year. We will see if they pop up seemingly overnight as these Lubbock Dollar Tree locations have.

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