As Halloween season quickly approaches, witches and warlocks everywhere look for that next big thrill or scare. Well, no need to wait for Halloween to get your adrenaline pumping with some of the most haunted locations in Texas.

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As big as Texas is, you know the odds of finding a spooky attraction are pretty high. Some come in the form of abandoned buildings while others are used to scare the bejeezus out of tourists.

So, if you're looking up your scare game this year, then keep reading. We'll showcase some of the most haunted locations right here in the Lone Star State. There's even one just down the road from Abilene, in Ballinger.

Ghostly Writing in Hotel Mirror
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All of these haunted locations are hotels except one, the USS Lexington in Corpus Christi.

Among the most famous sightings are a sailor dressed in uniform helping lost guests find their way back to the deck and a sailor in the engine room giving a lecture on how the turbines work before vanishing into thin air. [Caller Times]


Beware: Real Haunted Locations in Texas

The Baker Hotel, in Mineral Wells, is a popular destination for ghost hunters as well as urban explorers. Just looking at the photos below makes me want to pay a visit and maybe an overnight stay.

Did you know that Texas is home to the most haunted place on Earth? According to reports, this hospital is the most haunted. Whether it is or isn't, it's definitely not a hospital I ever want to be admitted to.

Beware: Abandoned Hospital in Texas Said to Be Most Haunted Place on Earth

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