The road to success is usually not a short, easy road, but one filled with all kinds of challenges. The Zac Brown Band, now relishing in the light of their super-stardom in recent years, has also known some bleak times and will always remember how hard it was back then to get where they are today. Band leader Zac Brown tells he remembers well playing on the road."At the end of the night, people would be spilling beer and stuff into that bucket but I didn't care. I'd reach down and grab the one dollar bills from the bottom and shove 'em in the cargo pants I used to wear...I had soggy wads of one dollar bills on me for years. And that was my gas money. I see what we do now, it never fails to astound me how far we've come."


The band which captured CMA's Horizon Award in 2010 and receiving multiple CMA nominations in 2011, continues to rise but soggy dollar bills stick in your brain and those Georgia boys will never forget their roots. Here's their latest terrific song.