People who like celebrating Halloween love to decorate, pass out candy to the trick-or-treaters and get in a costume, even get their pet in a costume. However one veterinarian from Florida has some suggestions if you want to dress up fido. Dr. Terry Marie Curtis tells the Associated Press that for one, forget the booties. She says most dogs' feet are sensitive and alters their walking, so they hate have anything on them.

She says if your dog is used to wearing clothes they'll probably be alright with a full costume, but for starters use just accessories. Suggestions are angel wings or a pirate hat. Shopping for a pet costume has been made easy by some retailers. At Target there are 29 costume selections to pick from for dogs, including 5 rider styles where a stuffed animal rides on the dogs' back. And at PetsMart the most popular costume is the bumblebee. And of course there are places strictly online, like Your efforts to make your pet part of Halloween won't go unrewarded. This Saturday prizes will be awarded at Regal Pet Resort for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place costumed dogs. Go to their website for more info.