I've only lived in Lubbock for 5 years now, but I have been able to notice things that are designated to the fine city that you won't hear anywhere else. I walked around the building asking everyone to help me out on these to gather up some more. Feel free to add to our list at the bottom but here are our favorites for "You Know You're from Lubbock When..."

You know every word to every Buddy Holly song

  • "Guns Up" has nothing to do with actual firearms
  • You don't mind driving out of town to get an Allsup's burrito
  • The days the dirt blows is just a "Yankee Deterrent"
  • You remember having to drive 20 miles for beer and liquor
  • Seeing a group of trees in rarer than a Bigfoot sighting
  • The only drivers worse that you have a New Mexico license plate
  • You call the "Hill Country" a mountain range
  • Prairie dogs get the royal treament

You leave the city to go to a strip club

  • The smell of cow manure from the north is the smell of money being made
  • You hate Amarillo
  • You buy a pistol and ammo at the same store
  • Tailgating is a way of life
  • Gun racks are still in style
  • The mall is the place to be
  • You hear both kinds of music, Country and Western
  • The tumbleweed is bigger than you
  • You forget what rain is
  • It's 75 degrees when you leave for work in the morning and 40 degrees when you leave work to go home
  • A thunderstorm is entertainment
  • There's a thousand restaurants and none of them are what you are in the mood for.