Coming April 23rd to a nose near you. It's national nose picking day. I am not sure you'll be able to find a Hallmark Card for this holiday. You are pretty much on your own on this one. There is not a more disgusting habit to deal with, to watch, to see where it lands or where it's wiped. Nose picking is a very personal art form because we all do it a bit differently, whether to hide it while picking at work, or maybe you are mining for minerals while you are at the stop light, you can bet that someone is watching every move. When it gets really gross is when it's your better half. With that, we may be able to help you out. Although designed for the ladies "picking" on their husbands, Dr. Oz has come to the rescue. Go here to register your better half as a nose picking offender, and they may get "busted" by Dr. Oz himself. Talk about getting help with the "picking" situation!