Wynonna Judd is one bad mamma jamma that Blake would never think to speak crossly about, but with this new season of 'Dancing with the Stars', the weight comments are bound to surface. Wynonna, though, says she is MORE than just a number on a scale.

In an exclusive first look behind the scenes interview on Entertainment Tonight, Wynonna Judd opened up about her feelings towards comments about her weight.

ET talks about the challenges previous full figured contestants have had, but also pointed out that competing in the VERY physical contest helped them loose weight throughout the season.

Wynonna isn't focusing on any of that, though!

"I am a child of God and not just a chick singer. I know what I'm good at..." she says in the video.


It's very cool to see a woman of her stature and influence speak out so openly about the subject when so many younger girls today do have weight issues and image insecurities.

Wynonna is also one of Country's sweethearts competing this year along with Kellie Pickler. All we have to say is 'YOU GO GIRLS!' and hope that Wynonna's encouragements reach and touch the lives of people beyond what the span of a one hour episode.

You rock, Wynonna!