They say timing is everything and, in this case, they couldn't be more correct! This story will have you singing '...and isn't it ironic?' before you're done.

Somebody in Florida won a lot of money on the Powerball, but it could have been Maria Arrobio from Pasadena, CA.

Last Wednesday, Maria hit ALL SIX NUMBERS to win the Powerball, but discovered she would not be able to cash in on the prize all because she purchased her ticket too late.

Maria like many habitual players, go and mindlessly purchase their tickets the night of the drawing and wake up the next morning to check the paper or the news to find out how they did. Well, when Maria woke up she discovered all six of her numbers matched!

Unfortunately, the night before when she mindlessly decided to try a shot at the money, she was purchasing her ticket half an hour AFTER the drawing was already finished.

What a disappointment if she truly didn't know the drawing had already happened!  bye bye to $360million bucks.