Lubbock Police have released information concerning a search warrant issued Sunday, September 18th used to search a home in the 500 block of 54th Street after a woman claimed she awoke in her ex-boyfriend's home, nude and restrained.

A 33-year-old man who has yet to be named or arrested had his home searched under said search warrant after a woman said she was at a club Friday night when the suspect approached her. She was reportedly pushed and lost consciousness.

Upon waking up, the woman found herself restrained with yellow caution tape and wire, KAMC News reports. The woman nude, and her mouth was covered by a red t-shirt and more yellow caution tape.

The woman escaped captivity Sunday when the man stepped away to shower. She lfound her pants, wrapped herself in a pink curtain and ran to get help from the suspect's neighbors. Upon inspection, police noticed marks on her body that were consistent with being restrained.

Officials found a red t-shirt behind the suspect's home and also collected the curtain from the neighbor's possession.

After police spoke with the suspect's ex-wife and discovered a history of domestic violence, they entered the home for the safety of the suspect's child. There they saw yellow caution tape in plain sight.

As of Tuesday, September 20th, there has been no name released for the suspect and no records of his arrest in jail records.

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