It's called a T-Caster. Half Telecaster and half from Texas best I can tell. They began as hand made pieces of music art for true Texans. As years past and their popularity began to increase a plan was put into place to have them machine made. The T-Caster is a popular item with the Texas/Red dirt scene as it never hurts to be seen on stage with a really cool guitar that looks like the state of Texas. In bright red white and blue, the T-Caster is the perfect show piece for autographs or to hang over the fireplace. Distributed by Grapevine Music, the T-Caster plays as good as it looks. A real Texas sized piece of music art to be collected, played or both. Be watching the Bear VIP section soon for your chance to bid on and win your very own T-Caster. In the meantime, check out some of the mean playing that's done on the T-Caster Guitar.