The founding signature on the BlakeFM banner in the studio belongs to none other than THE William Clark Green! Lucky for us, we received a phone call from him and got to discuss his new album release!

Facebook, William Clark Green

Love this guy. Great music never belonged to a more genuine person and I really mean that. From the very first time I spoke to Will, I will never forget his smile and the love for what he does.

His voice is one of the most distinct on your radio. When you hear it, you know exactly who it is. But enough about him! The new album is out!!!!

‘Rose Queen’ is battling at the top of the charts and rightfully so! You gotta check this album out! It’s a keeper if I do say so myself!

Anywho, I’m so glad Will found time to call us up at the studio to chat about it. Country stars are my favorite celebrities because they’re always the most gracious and grateful celebrities.

Look, bottom line: if you want to own the next great Texas Country Album, or even just THE next great Country album, get this one. You won’t regret it!

Missed the interview on-air? Catch it again right here!