Sugarland's one of the best-selling bands in the country, and folks say they're the future of Nashville. I'm not one to argue, and Sugarland is a great band, but I'm not quite sure the band quite fits the rigid "country" label anymore.

Here, I lay out my case.

Exhibit A: No steel guitar, no fiddle, no twang.

Like George Strait said in the song 'Heartland,'

When you hear twin fiddles and a steel guitar,
You're listening to the sound of the American heart.

Exhibit B: If you can't two-step to it, it's not country.

Exhibit C: Check out these stage set-ups from George Strait, Miranda Lambert, and then Sugarland.  Which stage-set-up isn't a country show?

George Strait's Stage

Miranda Lambert's Stage

Sugarland's Stage

Which stage do you think looks out of place? You can be the judge yourself tonight as Sugarland is in the Hub City for their 2011 Incredible Machine Tour. The duo will be sharing their stage with Little Big Town and Matt Nathanson. You still have time to get your tickets. You can purchase them online or at the door.