Just got my tickets in the mail for this year’s Hub City BBQ Cook-off! Let me tell you what I’m most excited about and where you can go to get your tickets!

I didn’t discover the famous Hub City BBQ Cook-Off until last year and boy am I sad that I’ve been missing out on it! So I’m telling as many people as possible!

This year, the 2012 Hub City BBQ Cook-Off will be on Thursday, September 20th.

The event’s location has changed from last year and will be on Broadway. You can download a map at this link, as well as a registration form and a list of the rules and regulations if you are interested in participating.

I think the best thing about this event is the VARIETY! You pay one ticket price and then you are free to roam around and sample BBQ from everyone who participated (at no additional cost!), plus you’ll also get to try beverages and other snacks from participating business vendors.

Last year, Llano was there letting those who were of age sample their newest wine and the Stars and Stripes Drive-In had a snow cone booth set up to help everyone cool off.

Another reason why I love this event is that it’s great for the entire community. It’s money that is earned here being spent here benefiting our city. Not to mention it helps businesses get their name out there in front of hundreds of people who might not have even known about them in the first place.

The last reason I love Hub City BBQ is the atmosphere! It’s on a Thursday night so it helps it feel like the weekend has started early. The live music and all of the company of others walking around with you and talking with everyone just makes for a laid back and fun time.

If there’s one piece of I can give you it’s to BRING A BIG NAPKIN because you’re going to get to really dig in to some award-winning BBQ!

You can purchase tickets at: www.selectaseatlubbock.com