In honor of "Wedding Season", in case you haven't had enough wedding pictures fill your facebook News Feed, I thought we should find out which country artist "Wedded best"!

Being a Bride ain't for sissy. Nowadays it's hard work. I got married last November, and  I'll tell you just planning the guestlist wasn't pretty!

(*Some advice* If you wouldn't invite them over for dinner, prior to sending out invitations, why spend a zillion dollar per plate on them, and their guest? Just sayin')

I am sure Miranda Lambert, now Miranda Shelton, and Carrie Underwood, now Carrie Underwood-Fisher, had some help planing their weddings. However, let give them some credit and find out who "Wedded Best?"

First things First... the dress.













The Rock.....


Alison Bonaguro Post



The Venue....





It's up to you guys. Who do you think "Wedded" Best?