On Sunday all of us will mark the tenth anniversary of the bombing of the twin towers in New York City. When it happen a lot of people were trying to find words to express what happened or how they felt. Then came a song.


Alan Jackson record a song that expressed the feeling we felt and what we did that day. The song, "Where Were You (When The World Stopped Turning). In an interview, Jackson said he wrote the song a few week after the attacks, saying it came in a moment of inspiration late at night.

The first time Jackson sung the song in public was on the 2001 CMA Awards show. The response was unbelievable. After that performance the song went to number one on the country charts. It won several awards at the CMA's and it won a Grammy award as well.

It's just the perfect song on how we felt remembering that September day.

Jackson will perform the song this Sunday, September 11th and the Washington National Cathedral.