It's pretty frightening to calculate what happens to 100+ temps in a closed car, considering the increase in 15 minutes time averages 40 degrees. Most parents would not leave their child unattended, (though this has happened leading to tragic developments), but many think cracking a window and leaving a pet is fine. Considering the quickness of the increase, it can be deadly for any living creature left to suffer inside. The ASPCA website offers this advice if you see an animal trapped:
1. Try to locate the pet parent
2. Educate others on the danger
3. Call 911
That's right!, call 911. Texas is not one of the fourteen states that have specific statutes prohibiting leaving an animal in a confined vehicle. However, in the Texas court case of "Lopez vs. State", the defendant left his dog in his car on a hot day to go and watch a movie in a theater. He was ultimately convicted under the state's anti-cruelty law. Bottom line, STOP AND CONSIDER WHO'S LEFT INSIDE THE CAR, before you walk away!