Leo has been spotted! Nothing fancy or awesome, right? WRONG. We've recently discovered that Leo is a Red Raider Fan!

Of course all of the trendy celebrity gossip paparazzi cameras are out in full force, it being the summer and all. Every camera man is trying to get THE shot to be talked about that's tied to the juiciest gossip. Little did the guy who got this shot know he was about to share a photo with a very unsuspecting crowd: LUBBOCK!

Leonardo DiCaprio was recently spotted leaving a group dinner date with 21 year old Victoria Secret Model, Toni Garnn. I'm not too interested in his dating life as much as I am concerned with the fact that he isn't wearing just any old hat to this date.... Leo is sporting a TEXAS TECH hat!!! How cool is that?

Share this and give the photographer some love. Without him, we would've never known this interesting fact about good 'ole Leo =)