Our family enjoys cooking out for Memorial Day weekend with hot dogs being a 'must' on the grill. And there are so many styles of dogs to enjoy. This website says of the varieties Americans grill for the holidays, there are Chicago dogs(mustard,relish,onions, tomatoes), Kansas City dogs(sauerkraut and swiss cheese), New York City dogs(steamed onions and mustard), Coney Island dogs(topped with spicy meat), Southern slaw dogs(coleslaw on top), Corn dogs(oh come on..you know what these are!), Tex-Mex dogs(salsa, cheese and jalapenos- YUM!), or finally the Baltimore Frizzled...no that's not a hair do, it's a hot dog that's split and deep-fried. Now, I've gotta fess up here, I'm not a meat eater, but there are some great soy products out there that 'look' like weiners. I know, you're grossed out. So, all you carnivores, tell me how you like your hot dog...plain, fancy or what?