WBC has infuriated many (again) with their beliefs about the tragedy at Sandy Hook. Belief it or not, they are saying the responsibility lies with Country singer Carrie Underwood.

WBC has done it, again. I should start by saying that the views about to be expressed our strictly my own.

Westboro Baptist Church member, Margie Phelps, has recently tweeted saying that Carrie Underwood is responsible for the tragedy at Sandy Hook.

The tweet reads:

She pimped f-(slur) marriage. Blood of dead school kids on her hands!
In June, Carrie expressed in an interview with UK newspaper The Independent that she believes if two people love each other , they should be able to be married without scrutiny. Unfortunately, this opened up a can of worms for Carrie.
Since the interview, many gay fans have flocked to her and love her even more, but she has also been under fire even more by the likes of people from Westboro Baptist Church.
It's extremely sad that she was even brought into this. I feel like these people only wanted to slur her good name because she doesn't express the same views as her.