An assistant professor at Texas Tech, Jamie Cooper, reaffirms something that's just a fact of life with the holidays. You're going to gain weight. A study Cooper's done shows the average person gains about 2.2 pounds per year with most pounds put on during the holidays. Her study included 148 people, ranging from 18-65, with 70% of them female. About 60% of the group exercised. During the holiday period the group gained 1.7 pounds(is that all?) with an increased in weight, fat percentage and blood pressure. She says to prevent the weight gain, exercise 30 minutes each day and think twice about reaching for a sticky bun or glass of eggnog. Now, finding that 30 minutes is the trick. Thank goodness my closet comes prepared for the holidays with three sizes of clothing, depending on the number of candy canes I've scarfed down.