Small town gal, Clara Henningsen of The Henningsens, had the weddin' bells a ringin'! The couple married in her hometown of Atwood, Illinois this past weekend! (May 4th)

Clara is the lead lady of The Henningsens along with her father and brother.

The 23-year-old Clara Henningsen, now Calaway, met her husband Jacob in Septemer of 2011 during a trip to Florida's gulf coast.

"A mutual friend introduced us one night when we were all hanging out on the beach," Clara says in an interview with People magazine. "I had my guitar and they asked me to play some music, so I sang the song my dad and I wrote for the Band Perry, 'All Your Life.' Later Jacob told me that the friend that introduced us kind of nudged him and said, ‘Dude, she's totally singing right to you!' I admit, I kind of was! So that became our song."

From this we learn two very important things: The Henningsens are song writing geniuses! and these two are a couple of romantics!

Love that!

Well, Blake is sad to see her go off the market, but very happy that Clara has landed the man of her dreams! We wish you all the best!