Coming up Sunday at 5pm is Super Bowl XLVI and most football fans love watching this pro team matchup--this year pitting the NY Giants against New England. People are planning parties around the event and there's a great fund-raiser going on that gives those Super Bowl fans what they want, plus helps some kids out. And you don't have to go to the trouble of messing up your house. Take the party elsewhere!


The Children's Advocacy Center has for the last few years had a Big Game Blowout party and this year it's not any different, well....maybe a tad different.There will be a party, and you'll get to see the game. But this year you can watch the game on the OmniMax theater screen! Or six plasma screens will be set up as well. Money raised from ticket sales goes to the Children's Advocacy Center of the South Plains.

The event, featuring free food and soft drinks, is being held at the ScienceSpectrum on the south access road between University and Indiana this Sunday. Other perks include adult beverages will be for sale and there's free childcare for kids 5-11. For more information call 806-740-0251.